Commitment to sustainable development

One of Contenur’s basic principles is respect for the environment and a commitment to sustainable development. The Quality and Environmental policy has been formulated accordingly and its objectives and procedures must be fulfilled by everyone at the Company.


This sets out the ethical commitments and responsibilities to be followed by everyone at the Company and its subsidiaries. With equality as the base point, the staff’s personal development and occupational risk prevention policies to ensure their health and safety are seen as paramount.


We see value as being better at meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers. The UK factory will offer bespoke solutions and services that exceed our current product and service offerings. From short runs to stock holding and even a closed loop, end of life bin recycling service. We will have the local production facility to complement our local customer management team. Ask us about how we can support you with your specific needs.


Health & Safety is an ongoing and priority aim, not only because of its social content and human nature, but also because of the contribution it makes to the companies efficiency. Consequently, CONTENUR has established a global Health & Safety Management system in order to ensure that prevention is incorporated into all (100%) throughout all the processes. Since 2010, CONTENUR has been the holder of the specific certificate OHSAS 18001 that describes the requirements for an Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) management system. This is aimed at enabling the organisation to control risks and improve their commitments. The OHSAS recognises and bears witness to the evidence to the fact that CONTENUR’s Management System complies with the Standard OHSAS 18001:2007. In 2015, CONTENUR obtained Certification for IQ Net OHSAS 18001, which recognises the certificate internationally