Ellgia Recycling chooses CONTENUR branded bins to incentivise recycling

Ellgia Recycling chooses CONTENUR branded bins to incentivise recycling

Ellgia Recycling has recently chosen two and four wheeled rear loading containers, manufactured at our Knowsley production facility, to encourage recycling amongst visitors to Kelling Heath Holiday Park. 

In total over 330 units of 240 litre and 1100 litre containers have been supplied with the aim of encouraging visitors to the park to recycle effectively. To this end, Ellgia has requested the supply of bins with different coloured lids to suit the type of waste to be recycled, and the glass recycling bins are fitted with openings in the lid to make it easier for the waste to be recycled.

Ellgia specified the two-position lock as this allows the bins to be left unlocked for the visitors to use but gives the site the flexibility to lock the bins as necessary.

Jack Lavington, Managing Director for Ellgia said “We have worked with Contenur since the beginning of Ellgia’s journey back in 2012 for the supply of wheeled containers.  The partnership has grown hand in hand with our business and their service and response has played its part in supporting our significant growth in our collection business across the East of England.  The rollout process for Ellgia’s latest partnership required a bespoke service solution incorporating a significant number of varying container styles and sizes, colour coding for multiple streams with challenging lead times. CONTENUR’s service and support enabled our complex mobilisation to be delivered on time, with the highest quality and in line with our requirements and more importantly meeting our customers’ expectations.”

Great to be able to support Ellgia with this project!